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Scibyl charges you for the clicks on the recommended products. No set-up cost, no commission on your sales. Minimum monthly fees apply.

Basic Standard Premium Scibyl Search
OnSite Product Recommendation

Recommend the most relevant products based on customer’s behaviour to increase your basket value
Dynamic Bundles

Items usually bought together will boost your cross seling opportunities
Scibyl Search

Provide a  modern search experience with personalized results
Business Priorities Options

Sell to your customer what you want!
Online Support

Our support team is always there to help.
Premium Support

Get priority on email and phone support. Scibyl consultant will arrange quarterly meetings to provide tips and performance optimizations to get the most out of Scibyl
From 35€ /month * From 55€ /month* Contact us From 50€ /month*

*Minimum cost per plan. Plan pricing depends on traffic. 15% Discount on annual plans.

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