Personalized Product Recommendations

Scibyl provides an easy to install service that understands your customers’ behaviour as they browse through your site. Web information is transformed into product suggestions using cutting edge machine learning and data mining technologies in real time.

What are Personalized Product Recommendations

Every customer has different needs and service requirements. Nevertheless, everyone has one goal: to buy the best product they can find that meets a list of criteria. On the other end, your e-shop aims to maximise profit as well as to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Treat every customer differently using personalized recommendations!

Personalized recommendations
Understand every visitor’s needs and approach them differently based on their behavioural pattern. Data collected in real-time translates to user profiling. We are achieving the best product matching, using machine learning and recommendation systems. Unleash the power of your data!


Algorithms tailored to your priorities
Maximise profit by matching the right product to the correct potential customer. Prioritise product display to yield higher profit.

Increase customer satisfaction
Customers find the products they are looking for in few clicks and less time. Less frustration means more purchases and returning customers. Enhance your customers’ experience with Scibyl!


Exploiting the Long Tail
Understand user preferences and recommend products that will intrigue them. Heavy users are more likely to connect with less popular products and appreciate hidden gems in the long tail. Unlock the opportunity of higher profit margin.

Opportunities on the Long Tail

User profiles vary from big spenders to light consumers. Although heavy users generally constitute less than one third of the profiles, they are accounted for two thirds of the sales revenues. This customer segment is willing to consume unknown products in contrast to light users which are happy with the most popular choice of purchase. In most product markets, popular choices carry smaller profit margin and obscure choices higher margin. Scibyl provides tools to online retailers that are interested in approaching every user differently and they are concerned about maximizing their profit as well as increasing customer’s satisfaction.

Reach to your visitors for additional selling of relevant or close related products. Accessories and add-ons increase revenues but also strengthens the relationship between your business and customers.


What extra do I get?

Native look n' Feel

Scibyl widgets are an integral part of your website. Not just an extra sidebar box


No-Fuss Integration to your website in minutes

Mobile Friendly

Tailored to eCommerce requirements to provide recommendations

 Do you want to know more?

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