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Once completing your sign up you will be redirected to your admin panel. This is where you will be able to see all your activity and also upload your products in XML or JSON format.

We require only basic information about your products in order to be able to display accurate information to you customers.

Are you a programmer?

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Through your admin panel, you will be able through simple CSS and a number of predefined options to fully customize the widget and how will appear on your website.

The native look will increase the click-through rate and the engagement of your customers. It will be seen as if you are offering this service and not through a third-party company.

Copy and Paste HTML code

Scibyl’s admin panel will auto-generate the necessary HTML code that you will have to add to your website.

Simply copy and paste in your favorite editor and you are good to go. The personalized content will automatically be added to your web page.


We will notify you as soon as we parse you product XML and we are ready to present personalized content on your website. This will not take long.

If you have already inserted the code in your web page, don’t worry. Nothing will change on your website for as long as we haven’t completed the parsing.

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