Intelligent Services
for e-commerce

Get big data analytics to work for you!

Engage customers, increase your sales and provide world-class personalization within minutes. With Scibyl plugins, it was never easier to integrate and benefit from web data analytics.

Product recommendations

Present to your customers the most up-selling products

Based on current and past behaviour we are able to present right in front of their eyes the product most possible to buy.

Catch the long tail

Provide the hottest cross sales items

Increase your sales with products that may or may not seem relevant. Scibyl can predict possible product combinations and present them as a bundle.


Personalized Search Results

In real-time list first the most relevant product

Our product recommendations can be extended to suggest items as they type on the search bar.


Why join Scibyl

Recommendation systems are being used by large corporations for many years now. Technology is mature with proved results. Scibyl provides the opportunity to harness the power of big data and web analytics, engage with your customers and increase your sales in the most simple and easy way.

Advanced Algorithms

To extract knowledge from data


No-Fuss Integration to your website in minutes

Native look n' Feel

Scibyl widgets are an integral part of your website. Not just an extra sidebar box

Mobile Friendly

Tailored to eCommerce requirements to provide recommendations

Detailed Analytics

To keep everything under control

Reliable n' Flexible

Hosted in Cloud, Scibyl has almost zero downtime and you can start and stop it on demand.

0 %
max. increase in your page views
10 %
max. increase in your sales


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